Requests to TIF Guests and Measures against COVID-19 (Updated July 31)

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection, Tokyo International Forum is taking several measures considered necessary based on the policies of Japan and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as well as related guidelines. While we regret the inconvenience this causes to our guests, we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Requests to our Guests
• If you have symptoms such as a fever of 37.5℃ or higher, a cough, or sore throat, please do not come to the facilities.
•If you have traveled within the previous 2 weeks to a country or area where the virus continues to spread, please do not come to the facilities.
•Please wear a mask, observe cough etiquette, and cooperate with hand washing and sanitizing. Guests not wearing a mask will not be allowed to enter the facilities.
•Event organizers may check guests’ temperatures when they enter a hall or meeting room. If a guest is determined to have a temperature of 37.5℃ or higher, admission will not be allowed.
•Please be mindful of keeping your distance from other guests while in the facilities, in accordance with the guidelines.

When visiting the facilities, please register with either the “Tokyo COVID-19 Mimamori Service,” offered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, or “COCOA (COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application),” offered by the Japanese government.

Tokyo International Forum Co., Ltd. Measures to Prevent Infection
•Employees and staff will monitor their own health with daily temperature checks and other measures.
•Employees and staff will wear masks.
•Acrylic panels or similar will be installed at the information desk and other areas.
•Hand sanitizer will be placed at entrances and exits in the facilities.
•We will conduct thorough cleaning, disinfection, and ventilation in the facilities.
•We will present to event organizers the guidelines issued by the national and Tokyo metropolitan governments and industry associations, which include measures such as having guests keep their distance from each other and limiting the number of people who enter, and we will encourage the organizers to comply with these guidelines.
• Signs and other measures will remind guests to avoid gathering in one place at the same time.
• Loaned items such as wheelchairs will thoroughly disinfected.
•Use of the hand dryers placed in the restrooms will be prohibited.
•Use of smoking areas in halls and meeting rooms will be prohibited.
•The nursing room will be closed for the time being.
• In the event that a guest or staff member develops symptoms, we will respond appropriately in cooperation with health authorities, and we will notify the public on the TIF website and other social media as necessary. (As a precaution, we recommend that guests keep a record of the date and time they came to the facility.)

*Depending on the situation, the details listed above may change.