Infection of a Tokyo International Forum Employee with COVID-19

An employee of Tokyo International Forum has been confirmed to be infected with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Details are provided below.
1.Overview of Case
 (Age)		        40s
 (Gender) Female
 (Address) Saitama-ken
 (Position) Internal administrative work
 (Workplace) Tokyo International Forum, 11F office

 ※The employee in question performs internal administrative work, and she does not have contact with guests in the course of her work.
 ※The employee in question was implementing infection prevention measures at work, including mask wearing, hand washing and sanitizing, and temperature checks.

  Thursday, December 17: The employee developed a fever, so she took off from work and saw a health care provider, who instructed her to take a COVID-19 test.
  Friday, December 18: The test result came back positive.
  *Health authorities determined December 17 as the date that symptoms began.
  *Following the test results, the employee was determined to have mild symptoms and is recovering at home.
  *The health authorities’ investigation identified three people who work in the same office as close contacts.

  ・Based on guidance from the health authorities, all potentially infected areas have been sterilized.
 ・Based on guidance from the health authorities, the close contacts are now in quarantine at home and will get tested for COVID-19

  Tokyo International Forum will continue to be diligent in every department about mask wearing, hand washing and sanitizing, ventilation, and ensuring that employees stay home when they feel unwell, as well as taking the appropriate infection prevention measures in accordance with instructions from the relevant health authorities.
   Accordingly, the facilities will continue operating as usual.

* We ask for your understanding and consideration in respecting the human rights and protecting the personal information of the infected person and her family.