Oedo Antique Market

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Japan’s largest outdoor antique market

The Oedo Antique Market is the biggest outdoor antique market in Japan. It boasts of a large number of antique goods including Japanese pottery, Western tableware, kimono and sashes, and accessories to name a few, and attracts many visitors every time. With a rise in the number of foreign visitors in recent years, it is becoming popular for its international character.

Oedo Antique Market


First and third Sunday of every month
Time: 9:00 to 16:00 (Canceled in case of rain)

*The event may be cancelled due to bad weather or other reasons. For further details, please contact us via the following method.

*The event is usually held on the first and third Sunday of every month, but there may be occasions when the schedule is changed.

Oedo Antique Market Office:TEL:03-6407-6011

*Please be careful not to dial a wrong number.



Tokyo International Forum 1st floor Plaza



Number of Shops

Approximately 250


Oedo Antique Market Executive Committee


Oedo Antique Market Office TEL:03-6407-6011

*Please be careful not to dial a wrong number.

URL: http://www.antique-market.jp

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