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Inquries for Use of Facilities

Thank you very much for making inquiries about The Tokyo International Forum.
Please note that we do not contract foreign organizers directly, so it would be very kind if you contract us through a Japanese agent/partner.

Please fill in the 'Inquiry Form' and submit. The form is used to check facility availability.

Our sales person will contact you within 3 working days (excluding Sat., Sun., and Japanese national holidays)

Thank you

Opening Date for Applications

The opening date for applications is as follows. Consultations and inquiries regarding use are welcome at all times.

Opening Date / Purpose of Use

Any time
(1) International meetings, etc. held at Hall A, Hall B7, Hall C or Hall E (*1)
Except for cases when an applicant divides the Hall E or Hall B7 and uses only one area
(2) Events that use the whole facility (*1)
2 years prior to
start of use
Events held at Hall A, Hall B7, Hall B5,Hall C, Hall D7 and Hall E and events concurrently held at conference rooms,Hall D1, Lounge or Lobby Gallery
1 year prior to
start of use
Events held at Hall D5, Hall D1, Lounge, Lobby Gallery or conference rooms (use of an entire floor) (*2)
3 months prior to
start of use
Use of conference rooms (except when using an entire floor) (*2) or Plaza
“International meetings, etc.” and “events that use the whole facility” shall be defined in our facility usage rules.
The term “conference rooms (use of an entire floor)” indicates use of an entire floor (10 rooms) of any of the 4 th to 6 th floors of the Glass Building or 1/2 floor (5 adjacent rooms ending with either 01-05 or 06-10).