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Tokyo International Forum Compliance Charter

In order for Tokyo International Forum to develop as a sound company that has the trust of society, those of us who work here are aware of our social responsibilities and public duties as a company, and act in accordance with the Code of Conduct and Standards for Ethical Behavior.

Code of Conduct

  • We will abide by laws, company regulations, and social norms and strive for sensible corporate activities that are appropriate to a truly rich and vibrant civil society.

  • We aim to achieve a Tokyo International Forum that provides the highest quality service to our customers, to gain their support and trust.

  • We will conduct our business activities with the realization that safety and security are the paramount services we can offer.

  • We will be actively involved in social initiatives in order to contribute to the development of the local community.

  • We will adopt a fair attitude in our practices, offering information to society at large, and endeavor to remain a trustworthy, transparent business.

  • We will work to ensure a sense of ethics that respects diversity, personality, and individuality in order to create a comfortable working environment.

  • We will make the utmost effort to reduce our environmental impact in order to preserve the global environment and to help achieve a sustainable society.

Standards for Ethical Behavior

  • In addition to observing laws and regulations, we will understand their spirit even in situations that are not covered by laws and regulations, and conduct our business in an appropriate manner. We will not engage in acts that contravene social rules and norms.

  • We will abide by labor regulations and other in-house regulations and guidelines.

  • We will approach customers with sincerity, maintain close communication, and endeavor to provide the highest quality service.

  • We will do our utmost to prevent accidents and give the highest priority to preserving human life in case accidents do occur.

  • We will appropriately manage and protect the personal information of customers and confidential information of our partners, and never use it outside the agreed upon purposes or for any fraudulent purposes.

  • We will always adopt a resolute stance against antisocial forces and groups that threaten the safety and order of civil society, and never share any sort of profits with such groups.

  • We will endeavor to communicate the appeal of the facilities as a world-leading metropolitan MICE facility and as a location for culture and prosperity.

  • We will promote contribution to society while maintaining a sufficient level of collaboration with the local community and relevant organizations.

  • We will maintain a fair and moderate attitude in dealings with our customers and partners. We will not provide/receive hospitality or gifts that go beyond normal social conventions.

  • We will not fraudulently provide money, gifts, or other financial benefits to civil servants or persons in an equivalent position, and maintain an appropriate, normal relationship with political and governmental officials.

  • We will actively engage in public relations activities and disclose corporate information to our customers and society at large.

  • We will not lose or damage tangible or intangible assets of Tokyo International Forum or use them for personal purposes or gain.

  • We will not use our positions for personal gain. Also, we will leave personal vested interests out of the workplace, and will not conduct political or religious activities without permission.

  • We will respect the rights of each and every person, and not discriminate based on race, creed, religion, nationality, age, gender, origin, physical or mental disability.

  • We will not engage in any form of harassment whatsoever, including power harassment or sexual harassment, and strive to create a safe, comfortable work environment.

  • We will create a corporate environment that makes use of the abilities of a diverse range of personnel, ensuring that they can work independently and creatively.

  • We will promote resource-saving and energy-saving initiatives, reduce waste, and keep environmentally-friendly products and services in mind in order to reduce our impact on the environment.

Corporate Information