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International Conferences

12th World Congress on Railway Research

The World Congress on Railway Research is the world's largest international conference on railway-related subjects, where railway engineers from all around the world participate to announce the results of their research.
■ Schedule: October 2019
■ Facilities: Hall C, Hall D7, Hall D5, Hall D1, Hall E, Lobby Gallary, Conference Rooms
■ Participants: 933 people (424 from outside Japan, coming from 36 countries)

World Hydrogen Technology Convention 2019

This convention brought together information on the present and future of hydrogen energy research, technology, and social implementation and policy that Japan and the world at large are aiming for as SDGs.
International conference, technical tour, and exhibition held at the same time.
■ Schedule: June 2019
■ Facilities: Hall C, Hall B5, Hall E, Conference Rooms, Lobby Gallary
■ Participants: Approx. 800 people (approx. 640 from outside Japan, coming from 30 countries)

SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 Tokyo

This is a conference and exhibition on computer graphics and interactive technologies. It is held each year in a different Asian city, with many people from around the world involved in technical and creative fields participating.
■ Schedule: December 2018
■ Facilities: Hall C, Hall B5, Hall E, Conference Rooms, Lobby Gallary
■ Participants: 9,720 people (2,323 from outside Japan), representing 59 countries

IS Qua 2016 IS Qua’s 33rd International Conference

ISQua 2016 was an academic conference for an international scientific society that undertakes a variety of ventures, including the external evaluations of organizations in countries that conduct third-party assessments of their medical institutions and education related to improvements in quality and safety in health care.
■ Schedule: October 2016
■ Facilities: Hall C, Hall B7, Hall B5, Hall D7, Hall D5, Conference Rooms
■ Participants: 1,203 people (1,037 from outside Japan), representing 69 countries

78th International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) General Meeting Tokyo

Held for the first time in 15 years in Japan, this General Meeting in Tokyo was attended by approximately 2,400 people from 62 countries, held around 240 meetings covering 53 fields, and was the largest IEC General Meeting of recent years.
■ Schedule: November 2014
■ Facilities: Hall B5, Hall B7, Hall C, Hall D1, Hall D5, Hall D7, Lobby Gallery, Conference Rooms
■ Participants: Approx. 2400 people, 62 countries

The 34th World Ophthalmology Congress(WOC)2014

This convention brought together persons involved in ophthalmology and medical fields from 135 countries with nearly 20,000 people in attendance, making it one of the largest international conferences in Japan. The giant cherry blossom tree performance in the Plaza was also very popular.
■ Schedule: April 2014
■ Facilities: All across Tokyo International Forum
■ Participants: Approx. 20,000 people, 135 countries

The 67th Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group2012

A total of 11,600 people from over 180 members nations participated, including the Minister of Finance, central bank governors, and government delegations. During the annual meeting, nearly 200 large and small conferences and events were conducted.
■ Schedule: October 2012
■ Facilities: All across Tokyo International Forum
■ Participants: Approx. 11,600 people

The 24th World Congress of Architecture (UIA2011 TOKYO)

This is Japan's first and largest architecture international congress. A combination of three halls, the Lobby Gallery, and a lounge were used for a commemoration ceremony, party, award ceremony, lectures, exhibitions, and reception. This style allowed for reception of many visitors and smooth event operations.
■ Schedule: September 2011
■ Facilities: All across Tokyo International Forum
■ Participants: Approx. 5,100 people (1,900 from outside Japan), representing 110 countries

Exhibitions and Parties

New Voyage photo exhibit celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Tokyo International Forum

This photo show celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Tokyo International Forum based on the theme of "Past, Present, and Future".
■ Schedule: December 2017
■ Facilities: Lobby Gallary

Reception and party for the 20th anniversary of the Tokyo International Forum

■ Schedule: April 2017
■ Facilities: Hall B7, Hall B5


Bringing together 105 brands from 17 countries around the world, SALON DU CHOCOLAT 2017 was an event at which visitors could encounter various types of wonderful chocolate.
■ Schedule: February 2017
■ Facilities: Hall E


This event always makes the most of the facilities: a massive installation in the large open space of the Glass Building, a fashion show using the illuminated floor of block D on 1F, effectively, a combination of fashion show and live performances, etc.
■ Schedule: Since 2014


La Folle Journée Tokyo

This is one of the largest classical music events in Japan, and uses the entirety of Tokyo International Forum facilities. A general information desk is set up in the Lobby Gallery, and the unique characteristics of each of the facilities are utilized, such as all halls, the Glass Building conference rooms, Hall E, and the Plaza for various types of concerts.
■ Schedule: Every May since 2005
■ Facilities: All across Tokyo International Forum


J-CULTURE FEST is an event that gives participants the opportunity to learn about and experience Japanese culture. There are original performances from treasured Japanese artists working in Noh farces and kabuki, as well as a New Year's Theme Park every year where visitors can experience traditional Japanese New Year's activities.
■ Schedule: Every January since 2017
■ Facilities:Hall B7, Hall B5, Hall E, Lobby Gallery(2019)

Special Lecture by Michael Sandel Titled "Democracy Strikes Back"

Harvard University professor Michael Sandel, a leading philosopher of modern politics, gave a heated lecture to about 5,000 people, one of his largest audiences ever.
■ Schedule: May 2012
■ Facilities: Hall A