To Prevent
the Spread of COVID-19

As ensuring the health and safety of our guests and staff is our top priority, Tokyo International Forum has partnered with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and related organizations on efforts designed to enable us to welcome guests in a safer environment.

Tokyo International Forum’s Efforts

Facility Disinfecting & Sterilizing

Common areas
We regularly wipe down places that guests frequently touch, such as doorknobs, escalator and other handrails, and buttons of elevators and vending machines, using a disinfectant solution.
Rental hall areas
In addition to the surfaces listed above, we wipe down the arm rests of chairs in the halls using disinfectant (after an event ends). We are also happy to conduct special tasks as requested by the event organizers.


  • ・ As for Tokyo International Forum's ventilation system, we have installed ventilation equipment that complies with the Building Standards Act and all applicable laws and regulations, and we are operating it as appropriate in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • ・ Every hall and conference room has ventilation equipment that can provide the required ventilation even at full occupancy.
  • ・ The system delivers fresh air everywhere throughout the facilities.

Please station an attendant at any door left open.

Prevention of Enclosed Spaces

Guests are asked to refrain from using the smoking areas in halls and meeting rooms to prevent the spread of infection.

Prevention of Airborne Droplet Dispersion

Audio service
Guests are asked to refrain from sharing microphones, with usage limited in principle to one person per microphone.
Setup service

We offer a variety of fixtures to avoid the risk of airborne droplet dispersion and contact infection.

  • ・ The hand dryers in restrooms are not in operation at this time.
  • ・ Acrylic panels and such have been installed at the information desk and other areas.
  • ・ Also, we have changed the way we provide some services in order to prevent infection.

Examples of solutions offered

  • Social distance signs

  • Plastic sheets

  • Clear panels for podiums

  • Free-standing clear panels

Acrylic panels installed at information desk

Ensuring Social Distancing

Guests are asked to comply with the guidelines issued by the Japanese government, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and industry associations, which include measures such as having guests keep their distance from each other and limiting the number of people who enter.
We offer a variety of fixtures tailored to the measures.

Example of wait line created in Plaza

Floor signs in front of cafe counter

Catering Service

We will propose a number and layout of seats that allow you to ensure social distancing.
Staff will wear masks or, in some situations, face shields.
The food will be served dinner style or portioned out by our catering staff, minimizing opportunities for contact.

Venue layout with consideration given to social distancing

Food will be served dinner style or portioned out by our catering staff

Monitoring Health of Employees and Staff

  • ・ Our employees and staff monitor their own health with daily temperature checks and other measures.
  • ・ Employees and staff wear masks.

Partnership with Local Government

When visiting the facilities, please register with either the “Tokyo COVID-19 Mimamori Service,” offered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, or “COCOA (COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application),” offered by the Japanese government.

Tokyo COVID-19 Mimamori Service
To ensure our guests’ safety and peace of mind as they use our halls and meeting rooms, Tokyo International Forum Co., Ltd. introduced the Tokyo COVID-19 Mimamori Service beginning Saturday, August 1. Provided by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, this service is linked to efforts to quickly detect and notify people when they may have been infected with COVID-19, in order to work with the “new normal” and strengthen Tokyo’s preparations for a possible second wave of infections.
Tokyo COVID-19 Mimamori Service overview

This service aims to quickly notify users of metropolitan facilities when a facility experiences a cluster of COVID-19 infections, based on the facility’s visitor records.
To use the service, simply scan the QR code displayed at venue entrances using your smartphone camera. Any notifications will arrive via the service you chose when registering.

*The service will end when concern regarding the disease has lessened, such as following the development of an effective treatment or vaccine.

Location of QR code displays inside Tokyo International Forum facilities

For halls, the codes will be displayed at the entrance to each hall. For the Glass Building meeting rooms, they will be displayed in the elevator hall on the floor where the meeting room is located.

Please note that registration with this service is voluntary and is not required for admission to the facilities. However, we do kindly ask our guests for their understanding and cooperation in this effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Response When a Suspected Case Occurs

In the event that a guest or staff member develops symptoms, we will respond appropriately in cooperation with health authorities, and we will notify the public on the Tokyo International Forum website and other social media as necessary.
We recommend that guests keep a record of the date and time they came to the facility.

Requests to Our Guests

Diligent Adherence to Infection Prevention Measures

Please wash and sanitize hands and observe cough etiquette, including proper use of a mask. The hand dryers in restrooms are not in operation at this time, so please bring a handkerchief to dry hands. Guests not wearing a mask are not allowed to enter the facilities.

Monitoring Health

  • ・ If you have symptoms such as a fever of 37.5℃ or higher, a cough, or sore throat, please do not come to the facilities.
  • ・ Event organizers may check guests’ temperatures when they enter a hall or meeting room. If a guest is determined to have a temperature of 37.5℃ or higher, admission will not be allowed.
  • ・ Please be mindful of keeping your distance from other guests while in the facilities, in accordance with the guidelines.

Use of Close Contact Notification Services

When visiting the facilities, please register with either the “Tokyo COVID-19 Mimamori Service,” offered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, or “COCOA (COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application),” offered by the Japanese government.

Requests to our Event Organizers

Advance Meetings

We are happy to discuss COVID-19 infection prevention measures.
We can propose various fixtures and arrangements to prevent spread and also assist you in organizing an online conference, so please don’t hesitate to inquire with us.

Considering Event Planning and Management Methods

When planning and executing an event, event organizers are asked to cooperate with regard to the following matters.

Planning and executing events in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Japanese government, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and industry associations, in order to provide a safe and reassuring environment for guests who visit the facilities

Pro-active efforts regarding measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among event participants

  • ・ Encourage installation of contact-confirming app
  • ・ Know contact information for event participants

Observing admission limits on the number of people who enter, in accordance with the guidelines issued by the national government, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and industry associations, and adhering to a venue layout that ensures social distancing

When planning to organize an event that will involve people traveling nationwide or an event with 1,000 or more participants, it is necessary to consult the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in advance regarding the event's requirements. Please use the following contact information for consultation.

Organizer Staff Monitoring

When executing an event, managing staff are asked to observe the following.

  • ・ Monitor their health (temperature checks, etc.)
  • ・ Wear masks/face shields
  • ・ Be diligent about washing and sanitizing hands and gargling
  • ・ Ensure social distancing
  • ・ Provide hand sanitizer

Events with COVID-19 Measures in Place

Monday Cine-Salon & Talk

At the Monday Cine-Salon & Talk, measures against the spread of COVID-19 were conducted at the venue, such as temperature checks, maintaining social distance, and sanitizing. Taking these measures made it possible for customers to relax and enjoy the film screening event.
We also streamed the event for guests to enjoy online.

We have experience with a wide variety of events. Please consult a sales manager.

  • ・ Test venue
  • ・ Base for online streaming of medical convention
  • ・ Medical academic conference
  • ・ Company strategy presentation meeting
  • ・ Concerts
  • ・ Online streaming of events
  • ・ Product sales event

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