Tokyo International Forum to Resume Operations (updated 19 June) 

In accordance with the lifting of the state of emergency declaration relating to the spread of COVID-19, the Tokyo International Forum, which was temporarily closed, will partially resume operations as follows.

We regret the continued inconvenience caused to our guests as some facilities and services remain closed. We ask for your continued understanding.


1. Date of reopening
  Monday, June 1, 2020

2. Operations resuming
(1) Facility rental
We will resume rentals of Hall D7, Hall D5, Hall D1, and Glass Building Conference Room 31 on June 1.
In addition, rentals of Hall B7, Hall B5, Hall C will resume on June 22.
*Decisions will be made soon about resuming rentals of other facilities, based on factors such as the progress made in relaxing the temporary closure request.

(2) Shops & restaurants (including Mitsuo Aida Museum)
  Facilities such as shops & restaurants will resume operations as they complete their reopening preparations.
(3) Parking lots 
  The regular parking lot on B3F will resume operations.
(4) Coin lockers, ATMs, currency exchange machine, fee-based portable chargers
  We will resume operation of coin lockers, ATMs, the currency exchange machine, and fee-based portable chargers.

3. Facility entrances
  Entrances for passage:
Tokyo Station (Keiyo Line) entrance, Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line entrance, entrance to Underground Concourse from Plaza, Glass Building 1F Tokyo Station side entrance and Yurakucho Station side entrance, D block 1F entrance
*Passage through the Glass Building B1F will also be available.
*Depending on the situation, the details listed above may change.